7th Annual Global Film & Media Conference "Connecting The MultiPlatform" Miami Beach Resort and Spa - Nov. 13-16, 2014

About FMM


The Florida Media Market (FMM) was created to fortify the Media industry in South Florida by serving as a bridge between the media culture of South Florida and those of Hollywood, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In more specific terms, FMM was created to be an outlet for South Florida independent Filmmakers to meet with executives, producers, production companies, distributors, TV Networks & Stations that are actively seeking content, either by producing, co-producing or purchasing. FMM is also designed to serve as a meeting place where new filmmakers can gain valuable insight from industry veterans and established companies. To that end FMM has created both an annual market, and an online platform, for buyers and sellers of film, documentary, television, and new media content to gather in order to teach, learn, inspire and do business together.


Our vision & goal is to help each of our members get their ideas and projects packaged, produced and distributed. We work with producers and media makers who want to make a difference by delivering productions that ultimately enhance the way people think, and that raise the consciousness of the viewer, globally. Our passion is the craft of good storytelling that is both compelling and entertaining.


The Florida Media Market (FMM) is an organization with an online and live platform that allows independent filmmakers the opportunity to pitch their ideas, meet buyers, distributors, and production companies, which can take their content to the next level. FMM is an organization whose goal is to use our international resources to be the best provider of information to educate and support new and experienced independent filmmakers. Florida Media Market brings exceptional workshops, hosted by industry veterans and insiders, which provide filmmakers with information on everything from script to screen. The FMM also hosts the “Virtual: Project-a-Thon”, which offers online resources on everything from screenwriting and filmmaking basics, to the intricacies of distribution deals. Professional subjects will include writing, producing, directing, financing, negotiating, marketing and distribution. Both our conference and the “Virtual: Project-a-Thon” will help projects to get and stay on the right track. Our commitment is to provide the information independent filmmakers need to get their projects green-lighted within the business of film and television.

Who will attend The Conference?

  • Entertainment Companies
  • Distributors
  • Independent Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Financiers
  • Production Companies
  • Filmmakers

Why Attend?

The 7th Annual Florida Media Market Global Media Conference is dedicated to connecting great stories and storytellers across a variety of exciting media platforms. For five unforgettable days, participants in FMM pitch story concepts; mingle with buyers, distributors, and production companies; and work to bring their projects to heightened levels of viability within a fast-paced and far-reaching community of film and television professionals. Championing this year’s theme of “Connecting the Multiplatform,” FMM is excited to dissolve the barriers that too often separate talented storytellers from the audiences they aim to entertain. The Florida Media Market accepts Films, TV Series, Documentaries and Web Series in every stage of production, including finished and unfinished projects. We have introduced a new and exciting way of presenting projects this conference: “Sizzling Pitch” is a competition wherein filmmakers can pitch their stories still in development with a visual aid or sizzle reel in addition to our traditional “Ready for Distribution” and market features. This is a Pitching Competition in which each lucky filmmaker will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pitch their ideas and/or Ready for Distribution projects before a panel of executives, distributors, and industry experts.

Why Exhibit

Florida is the key market for media executives, buyers, and sellers from around the world. You will see top executives that you can’t see at other markets. Executives who come to Florida Media Market (FMM) are interested and serious about meeting people with interesting projects. They will invest time and money to travel to be with us. So be prepared. You will have the opportunity to receive various offers because it is not only about showing your project, or your locations, but also your production skills. FMM is the place to cultivate new relationships and build your sales structure so you can make the best deals to develop your project.